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Military Criminal Defense Attorney
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Military Criminal Defense Attorney

Are you searching for a military criminal lawyer?

Military criminal charges are very serious matters that should be addressed immediately by a skilled lawyer. Covered under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, there can be extreme consequences for a breach of disciple. When charged with a crime, choosing an experienced military criminal defense lawyer with a proven history in military criminal defense is crucial to the outcome of the case. Meagan F. Temple, Attorney at Law, has years of experience defending her clients successfully in courts-martial, as well as civilian court. She is dedicated to providing her clients with personalized service and insightful and creative legal counsel. As a former JAG officer in the Air Force, she is especially proficient in helping military personnel who are facing charges in the armed forces. Also a former prosecutor, she has a unique insight into the strategies employed by prosecutors, which serves her clients well when strategizing the defense.

She is able to strengthen her client's defense as she anticipates the prosecution's next move. If you are looking for dedicated and caring legal representation, Attorney Temple could represent you in virtually every type of criminal case relating to both civilian and military criminal defense. As a former member of the Air Force, she is uniquely prepared to help with cases relating to military criminal charges. These cases are complex and require more than the average general legal practitioner will be able to provide. From dealing with initial investigations to issues pertaining to administrative discharge and even struggling with matters of post-conviction relief, such as military appeals, Ms. Temple has proven that she has what it takes to defend her clients against the possibility of conviction with hard-hitting and comprehensive legal defense.

How a Military Criminal Attorney Can Help

From helping her clients defend themselves against criminal charges pertaining to aggravated sexual assault, to charges of assault and battery, child pornography and DUI, she has proven time and time again that she is a trustworthy advocate for the rights of the accused. She knows what is on the line and she will fight tooth and nail to help her clients defend themselves against life-altering consequences. Should you choose to work with a military criminal lawyer at firm, you will be able to rest easier knowing that you will no longer be required to deal with your case on your own. She is fully prepared to go the distance in her efforts to protect you and will do everything that she can to help you from the beginning of the case until the very end.

Other cases she is capable of defending include those pertaining to drug crimes, domestic violence and weapons charges, as well as those relating to theft crimes. Even in complex cases involving white collar offenses such as financial fraud, she has proven that she can be counted on to invest the necessary hours, effort and aggressive tactics necessary to build the strongest case possible. If you are successfully convicted, you will be dealing with frightening and often life-changing penalties, such as being placed into the sex offender registry. Attorney Temple understands how vastly important it is that you avoid such consequences and is therefore unwaveringly devoted to ensuring that she does everything possible to help you protect your future.

When you choose to work with her, you can rest easier knowing that she will go the distance in her efforts to defend you. She offers valuable service that can greatly benefit the cases of clients she represents. One of the best ways to learn more is through a free case evaluation. Attorney Temple will review your situation offering legal insight and guidance into how to proceed. When you are charged for a crime it is imperative that you begin defense as soon as possible. She will assess the charges against you and begin investigating; inquiring into any information that can be used.

Free Case Evaluation

As military criminal attorney, Meagan F. Temple is committed to helping clients by giving them the best legal representation she can offer. Are you facing a military court martial or military criminal charge? You need a high-quality court martial lawyer like Attorney Temple on your side. If you're facing allegations of domestic violence, DUI, espionage or another crime, you probably have a lot of questions about the legal proceedings ahead of you. Fill out a free, online case evaluation form so that Attorney Temple can help you find the answers you need. When you contact her firm directly, she can help you understand the leg circumstances surrounding your case, you rights and your legal options. With a top-notch military defense attorney on your side, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. If you're facing military criminal charges, do not hesitate to accept a free case evaluation to see what Attorney Temple can do for you.

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Most individuals fail to realize what an impact a criminal conviction can have on their lives. Even a minor matter such as a DUI can result in fines, jail time, community service, a suspended license and other ramifications. Also, military personnel face disgrace and possible dishonorable discharges, which could lead to the destruction of a career they've worked hard to achieve, as well as potential consequences that will haunt them in civilian life long after they leave military service. Turn to a leading military criminal lawyer to discuss your situation and determine how to present a strong defense.

If you are looking for an attorney for your military crime case, you have come to the right place. Ms. Temple is a staunch defender of current or former military personnel of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. She can defend a client's rights in civilian court or a military court-martial. For serious cases such as these, you need a defender with extensive experience and a comprehensive understanding of the situation at hand. With her military and legal background she is able to offer an additional advantage that not every military defense attorney will have.

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