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Domestic Violence in the Military

Military Attorney for Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence can come in different forms. Sometimes it involves physical contact that can result in injury or may be the threat of violence. It can also be emotional or even passive, such as neglect. It is typically more of a pattern of behavior as opposed to one event but for many suspects, it can be the one time that they will pay long term for. It occurs in the home or amongst those in an intimate relationship, such as relatives, spouses or individuals dating.

There are many factors that can be to blame for these situations such as alcohol consumption or a simple argument that goes too far. There are two sides to every story but once an allegation of abuse is thrown out, that may be the only side that gains attention. For those that are charged for domestic violence while being in the military, they can face further penalties than civilians would. The repercussions may not only include legal penalties but can affect their position of ranking.

Investigation Process

The life of a service member is often very stressful and causes a great deal of emotion and anger to build up inside of them. Many military men and women vent their frustrations on their spouses or children in the form of domestic abuse. Such violent crimes have become so common in the military over the years that the Department of Defense has created a specific system for handling such offenses.

When domestic violence occurs in the military, it is reported to Family Advocacy. This agency organizes and orchestrates the separation of the alleged abuser and alleged victim by having the accused reside in the barracks until the investigation is over. They may also issue a military protective order prohibiting the accused from coming into contact with the alleged victim. An investigation is then undertaken to determine whether or not the allegations are true.

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During the investigation stage of a domestic violence case against a member of the military, it is highly advised that the accused party hire legal representation with experience in relevant military law. An experienced military criminal defense attorney can increase the chance that the charges be dropped altogether. If the allegations are untrue, the time to prove that falsehood and build a solid case of defense is during the pre-trial investigation. The faster legal representation is brought in, the more beneficial it can be to the defendant. In the case that the charges are found to have substance, a military criminal defense lawyer can also use experience and knowledge of the law to negotiate with the court-martial for a fair sentence.

The military armed forces hold their members to a high standard of conduct under situations of extreme pressure. Failing to meet that standard is frowned upon and can be accompanied by sanctions if the actions of the member resulted in harm to another person or the image of the military. In order to maintain this standard of order, the military affords little understanding to moments of weakness and tends to assume guilt by default. This lends itself towards an automatic bias towards the accusations made and the court-martial begins the trial with an established lean towards the alleged victim of domestic violence. This is understandable because our country needs armed forces with discipline and high standards in order to defend us adequately. However, this also makes it all the more importantly for accused members to search for a military criminal attorney in order to ensure that their individual rights and interests are protected. If you are a member of the armed forces and someone has brought charges of domestic violence against you, contact Meagan F. Temple, Attorney at Law immediately to discuss your case and learn how our firm wants to be your legal advocate at this time.

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