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Military Federal Investigations

Why You Need a Military Criminal Lawyer

When an individual, a group of individuals, or a business enterprise is suspected of committing a federal crime, a federal investigation may be launched to determine if there is sufficient evidence of those crimes for indictment or prosecution. In the majority of cases, it is the United States Attorney's Office that investigates and then prosecutes federal crimes. Criminal investigative agencies such as the FBI, DEA, ATF and IRS work very closely with the U.S. Attorney's Office gathering information about these individuals and evidence of criminal activity for future prosecution. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigates violations of over 200 categories of federal crime.

Some of the more major areas of their investigations include:

If a person or their family member has been charged with a federal crime and is in need of a strong legal advocate to defend their case, Meagan F. Temple, Attorney at Law has the expertise needed to mount a successful defense. Ms. Temple is a military criminal defense attorney who was a former prosecutor for the United States Attorney's Office in Pennsylvania. She has a keen understanding of the federal investigation process and how the government puts their cases together.

Criminal Investigation Process

Federal government investigations usually begin well before charges are even filed. Investigations can be complex and may continue for several years before an individual is requested to appear in front of a federal judge who will read the charges that have been filed against the person. During the entire time an investigation is proceeding, that person may not know that he is one of the targets of the investigation. If it is suspected that an investigation is underway having to do with one's involvement in a federal criminal matter, it is crucial that a skilled criminal defense attorney is consulted as early as possible so there is ample time to formulate the best strategy to use in that person's case.

A confidential informant can be one of two things: an innocent witness who is under the protection of the FBI, or a co-actor in a crime whose actions are being pardoned because they have agreed to give information against their partner or partners in crime. When a defendant is charged with a federal crime and the prosecution has a confidential informant on their side, it is essential that the accused have an experienced, reliable and aggressive military criminal defense attorney.

A Grand Jury is used to determine whether or not there is enough evidence to formally indict someone of a crime. If the jury decided that there is sufficient evidence, the suspect will be brought to trial. Then, a jury will decide whether or not an individual is guilty or innocent. A target in a Grand Jury is someone who may be in violation of the law, a witness is someone who has information pertinent to the case, and a subject is someone in-between a being a witness and a target.

What to Expect Next

When an individual faces a federal offense, he/she is aware that the FBI is investigating them for a crime. When someone is contacted by the FBI that they are under investigation, it is imperative that they find out whether they are a witness of suspect in the case. Commonly, the FBI intends to indict individuals who are under investigation. The direction of a federal investigation can change quickly, so even witnesses should be aware that they may become suspects.

Witnesses and co-actors can be integral elements of a federal investigation. If a prosecutor has a witness or co-actor helping them, the case becomes extremely challenging for the defense. Are you being investigated for a military crime? Are you looking for a military criminal lawyer? It is imperative that the defense attorney conduct as much research about opposing witnesses and co-actors as possible. Contact a military criminal defense attorney from the law firm today.

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